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2.  If you were NOT in school to receive your assignments during our "online" classes, please reach out with an e-mail address to which I can send you the assignment, or use the links below.


3.  Senior Seminar class:  You are to be working on your PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation, "Your Life in 20 Slides".  You will need to complete at least one slide per day.  Share with me so I can give you credit.  Link for the project is here:



Please follow the schedule to complete and turn in for full credit.


Tuesday:  Slide 1 is due

Wednesday:  Slide 2 

Thursday:  Slide 3

Friday:  Slide 4


Monday 3/23:  Slide 5

Tuesday 3/24:  Slide 6

Wednesday 3/25:  Slide 7

Thursday 3/26:  Slide 8

Friday 3/27:  Slide 9


Monday 3/30:  Slide 10

Tuesday 3/31:  Slide 11

Wednesday 4/1:  Slide 12

Thursday 4/2:  Slide 13

Friday 4/3:  Slide 14


Monday 4/6:  Slide 15

Tuesday 4/7:  Slide 16

Wednesday 4/8:  Slide 17

Thursday 4/9:  Slide 18


Monday, April 20:  Slides 19, 20 and any reviews that are needed!  Presentations will starts on 4/21!!!


4.  African-American History:  we will be having Zoom conferences every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 am.  


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 379 795 845
Password: 319745

Chapter 3 of The New Jim Crow



         The last of the Chapter 3 questions are due this Tuesday, 3/31 or lose 20%.


New Jim Crow, Chapter 4 Questions are here:


Please turn in before Spring Break or lose 20%


5.  WHAP!


     Tuesday March 24th:  Students should make a copy of HH Unit 1 Review and watch the video to complete:


      Wednesday March 25th:  Zoom conference at 10 am to discuss Unit 1 Review

      Thursday March 26th:  Complete Unit 1 Review & submit, take the Unit 1 MCQ on my Google Drive

      Friday, March 27th:  Submit Unit 1 MCQ, begin work on Unit 2 Review, watch video to complete:

      Monday, March 30th:  Finish Unit 2 Review, submit by Tuesday

      Tuesday, March 31st:  Take Unit 2 MCQ, make a copy of Unit 3 Review

      Wednesday, April 1st:  Zoom conference, 10 am to discuss Unit 3

      Thursday, April 2nd:  Complete and turn in Unit 3 Review - video is here:

      Friday, April 3rd:  Zoom conference at 10 am to discuss Unit 3 MCQ, Unit 4 Review


      Monday, April 6th:  Work on Unit 4 Review - video here:

      Tuesday, April 7th:  Turn in Unit 4 Review, take Unit 4 MCQ

      Wednesday, April 8th:  Download the Unit 5 video notes, video here:


      Thursday, April 9th:  Work on Unit 5 review, this will be due when you get back from Spring Break.