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You can work on Summit during this time.  If you need me to accept PFA, just contact me. 



Join your class by clicking on the link that corresponds to your class:



1st set of assignment rational exponent, radicals, and properties of exponent assignments due 3/31/20

SAT prep work due 4/9/20



Limits review due 3/30/20

derivative review due 4/09/20



algebra review and quadratic unit due 3/31/20

Irrational number due 4/9/20




There are videos and assignments for sessions, you have to watch them for homework grade 

average assignment grade online count as assessment grades,

I will use the highest grade only.  You can redo them to get a higher grader.

If you prefer paper assignment.  Please text me, I will sent you by text as picture.


Your grade will be based on the time spent and how many assignments are done. 



 Stay safe !!