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15 Strategies to Practice Sight Words at Home



1.  Put your sight words in ABC order.

2.  Write your words in your neatest handwriting.

3.  Rainbow write your words using markers/crayons. *Every letter a different color.*

4.  Use a computer to type and print out your words.

5.  Scramble the letters in each word and then fix them.

6.  Make a set of flashcards to help you study.

7.  Find your words in the newspaper or magazines; cut and glue them to a page.

8.  Draw a picture and hide your words in it.

9.  Write a sentence with each word.

10. Write the words and circle all of the vowels.

11. Write the words and underline all of the consonants.

12. Write the words and cross out all of the silent letters.

13. Divide each word into syllables.

14. Write a story using all of your words.

15. Make up your own activity; write the directions at the top of the page.